Here are all the beers we currently produce. Hopefully there’s something to suit all tastes.

We try to cover a fairly wide range of styles, colours and strengths whilst keeping a wonderful balance between the malt and hops to make our beers as drinkable as we can. We have a core range of 5 beers with specials coming along when we can.

Bunny Chaser

Bunny Chaser 3.6% ABV

At 3.6% abv, this session bitter is a dark copper coloured beer.

Plenty of malt in the mouth and a good whack of bitterness from traditionally English hops.

Thirst quenchingly bitter but light in alcohol, Bunny Chaser makes the perfect quaffing beer.
Golden Poacher

Golden Poacher 3.9% ABV

At 3.9% abv, Golden Poacher is the perfect thirst quencher.

Bravo and Gallena hops all the way through, this beer has bags of aroma with crisp citrus coming through in spades.

Magnificently hoppy, you'll find yourself swirling and sniffing this beer all the way to the last drop.
Red Runner

Red Runner 4.2% ABV

At 4.2% abv, this is a perfect mid-strength, mahogany coloured Best Bitter.

Soft fruit and citrus flavours and aromas come from American hops, with a firm bitterness following.

An easy-drinking, refreshing ale.

Columbus 4.5% ABV

At 4.5% abv, this is a beautifully light coloured ale.

Columbus hops provide a robust bitterness, with hints of pine and herb.

Very subtle citrus notes and a gentle fruitiness balance the flavour perfectly.

A great thirst quencher.

Lamplight Porter 5.0% ABV

At 5% abv, the multi-award winning Lamplight Porter is the strongest of our core beers.

It's made in the style of the London Porters of the 19th century with plenty of brown malt adding complexity of flavour.

Chocolate and coffee flavours come through together with a robust bitterness from English hops.

A wonderful ale to savour and enjoy.

Longdog IPA 6.0% ABV (special)

Brewed only once each year, this 18th Century style English IPA is a beautiful ale.

This straw coloured aromatic ale has substantial bitterness which is backed up by beautiful maltiness.

Now only available in bottles.

Hopefully there’s something you like the look of and we’ll see you in the shop soon.